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We are based in Pakista and Malaysia and develop dynamic Websites & Web - Applications.


Web Design Focused on Achieving Your Business Goals: Like anything in business, making a decision often comes down to the return on investment. If your goal is to generate more revenue, get more customers, or increase profit margins. TLIMS-TECH's approach to integrated marketing can get you there. JS SOFT-TECH isn’t just about web design; we’re dedicated to Internet Solutions with a purpose.
TLIMS-TECH utilizes web development technologies that are both proven and practical. With the options available in the market today, we can help you determine what is best for your needs. My mission at TLIMS-TECH is to make the web development process easier for you: we help our clients choose the right tools for hosting, ecommerce, content management and marketing.
We understand your website is central to your brand identity, reputation and how customers perceive you. We take the time to understand your business and create a strategy to fulfil your commercial objectives.
The TLIMS-TECH Web team are truly talented professionals and (we like to think) jolly nice people so please do get in touch or view my work . We’ve played a crucial role in the growth of my clients’ online presence.




The development of Web Applications is a big deal for many. My Web application services are just present at the right time and at the right place.
TLIMS-TECH offers its wide-ranging experience in developing web applications. We use my expertise to develop web application for my clients. We fully understand that each of my client has distinct needs to their respective web application. We act accordingly in order to truly develop a web application.

TLIMS-TECH uses PHP, PDO and MySQLi to develop Web Application that would make my client’s job convenient. Such multitude of options also may mean that a client finds it difficult to make a choice. This is where we step in and offer the best of technology that suits the respective objectives.
Every kind of website or a system may require a special attention. A site may be totally database-driven or may be fully featured. Some other times, it may require an across-the-board web application. I am open to anything as my objective is to reduce my client’s burden, whatever it takes. We take full responsibility of my clients and their data.


icon CMS/WP

TLIMS-TECH introduced a huge breakthrough in provides facilities the Content Management System. Our PHP Admin Panel allows you to edit each and everything available in the website. It means an ordinary computer user can edit or change Banner, Header, and Footer until each and every contents of web pages.
Once the project/website is given to the clients then clients don’t need my support any more. Because of my top quality programming platform provides a very friendly admin panel where an ordinary person can update, edit and delete the contents available in each web page.
At the same time TLIMS-TECH do provide WordPress CMS.
The core competencies of TLIMS-TECH are responsive design, parallax scrolling, full screen imagery, parallax graphics, subtle forms and product photography enhance the look and feel of this website.
TLIMS-TECH team also consists of experts in online branding and search engine optimization. These skills give me an uncanny ability to identify the top IT needs of an organization and that is why we are very well known in IT Sectors.






List of Projects accomplished by TLIMS TECH and running successfully online.



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Payroll System:

Payroll System:

Passport Management System:

DHL Production Planning and Productivity Tracker System:

Performance Survey System:

Pakistan Christian - News Portal:

Anawim Today - News Portal:




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